Dear Reader, if you came to our blog to follow the “Exploring Witkacy” story, this entry is for you. Destinations which we have chosen, the extent of the subject, fascinating Sri Lanka today, but even more beautiful Ceylon a hundred years ago, Australia (!), Witkacy’s voyages during war , us buried in the archives, etc. makes you confused unless you understand how this journey and series of blogposts will look like.

Let’s put in into order.

Before leaving for Sri Lanka we have considered various models of narrative. We decided to take the final decision on the way, after checking how the different models will work in practice. We actually needed to deal with this to know what will be the most accurate and understandable (for you and us).

So, here is our final idea that we are going to pursue. We found that in order to arrange everything and do not mix our observations of the expedition, Witkacy’s past feelings, our “today perception of the places where he was with his impressions – we need to introduce following categories:
I. Introduction to travel
II. Witkacy in Ceylon
III. Witkacy in Australia
IV. War voyages of Wtikacy
V. Our search for Witkacy
VI. The influence of travel on the works of Witkacy VII. Today’s impressions from travel
Witkacy is our guide, we follow him and take you with us. Traces of his journey create th rhytm of this story – how and when we publish new entries or add multimedia. Sometimes we may mix it up a bit e.g.  Witkacy in Ceylon (1914) with our exploration and impressions of Sri Lanka today, but the chronology of his stay in the tropics plays the leading role.
We believe that this will be the best and easiest way for you to follow and join this trip. It also means that the articles that we write now, sitting in Sri Lanka will go into a drawer, eee… folder, calmly awaiting publication in the near future.
We estimate that this cycle will be about 200-300 posts, so it’s very easy to get lost in the chaos – and we don’t want that :)
We are curious to hear your thoughts.
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