10 best, most beautiful, greatest X, Y, Z in the world, top 5 of some other wonders – such rankings always raise my suspicions that it is a marketing stunt, which is only supposed to draw tourists. When I read that Cementerio de la Recoleta is on the list of 10 most beautiful cemeteries in the world, my suspicions were also triggered, and more so, since when we started to approach it, we saw at least a dozen colorful buses parked near it.

The title of this post might be a little weird, but it reflects perfectly how this amazing cemetery located in Recoleta, one of the Buenos Aires districts, looks like. Upon entering it, one has the impression of walking into some mysterious town with numerous crossroads, streets and houses placed evenly alongside. Sometimes the streets are short and narrow, sometimes a little wider and longer. Sometimes one might have the impression of getting somewhat lost in this maze and muddle of streets.

All the mausolea are beautiful. Some – well kept, others chewed on by the tooth of time. All of them, however, create a unique sight. The interiors of most of them are accessible. Most often one can see coffins placed inside, sometimes they are on the lower floor of the tomb. There are no flowers or votive candles next to them, there are, however, statues, sculptures and various types of figures. It is the most beautiful cemetery I have ever been to, and despite the fact that it has almost been dubbed a wonder of the world, described in all the guidebooks, and it draws people from all over the world, it is weird that no one charges a fee to enter here. It was opened in 1822 in the place of an old Franciscan church. In has been created upon the wish of the president Bernardino Rivadavia. In 1881 it was redesigned by Antonio Buschiazzo, an Italian architect, in the style we are able to appreciate to this day.

Many great Argentinians are buried here – writers, politicians, presidents and artists, but the most frequented tomb is the one Eva Perón, the wife of the Argentinian president Juan Perón, an actress and social activist rests in. The cemetery is an excellent spot for a walk – it takes up the space of nearly 13 acres, so during our 2-hour walk several people asked us if we know where Evita’s tomb is, and if not us then others.

You can see in the video and photos how these tomb-houses look like. To me they are wonderful. And cats were accosting us all over the place. Amelia even tried to befriend one of them :)
Cementerio de la RecoletaCementerio de la RecoletaCementerio de la RecoletaCementerio de la RecoletaCementerio de la RecoletaCementerio de la RecoletaCementerio-de-la-Recoleta-52Cementerio de la Recoleta


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