We are extremely excited – as we always are when a new idea comes to surface. When our current project partners enthusiastically welcomed the idea and joined the ‘promotional campaign’ we were as pleased as Punch! We really owe them. Their identities with profiles to be revealed in due time.

We won’t disclose all details here now as we want to keep some of them under wraps to surprise you later. We have only one request: Follow us, please! Let this journey give you an opportunity to explore that extremely unusual and thought-provoking artist.

Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz (“Witkacy”) lived at the turn of 19th and 20th centuries. His artistic work escapes clear-cut classification: he was a playwright, novelist, painter, photographer and philosopher – unique an unorthodox in each of these areas.

‘Exploring Witkacy – from Słupsk to Sri Landka, from Downfall to Madness’ – it is supposed to be primarily a geographic journey; we are going to visit places Witkacy went to and was inspired by. At the same time, however, we are going to explore his artistic work and trace the influence the journeys exerted on him.

We are starting on Monday and finishing in October. During the time we will visit Sri Lanka, Australia, Zakopane, Słupsk, Kraków, Odessa and Saint Petersburg.

Important! The purpose of the project is a multimedia documentary built on various materials such as sound, images, videos orsupplemented, hopefully, with your – community commitment, pivoted around a blog, though we are going to make constant use social networks as well.

The virtual journey will look like this:


Szukając Witkacego w Internecie
Szukając Witkacego w Internecie

Are you still here? Good!

OK, let’s start. We can’t wait to know your opinion. There is a long way ahead…

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