Eighth, eighth, eighth – I can’t believe when I’m writing these words – but yes, the eighth edition of Wachlarz is over. We don’t like reviewing events we organise amd we’re not going to. But there are some things we would like to discuss. It’s hard to call this entry a summary so don’t treat it like one. But if you’d like to get into the organisers’ heads – come on.

Skupimy się tylko na czterech rzeczach, które w jakiś sposób były kluczowe dla tej edycji i najbardziej determinowały naszą pracę.

Let’s start with the opening. Less than two weeks before Wachlarz we wrote to Marcin Mossakowski, the presenter at the last Wachlarz and asked him to make a movie to open the meeting with. Marcin just arrived from some trip, he quickly got what we wanted and started working on the film. We wanted to take advantage of the fact that this time the meeting takes place in a cinema and start it with a sort of introduction to a movie. But we didn’t expect to see a thing like the one Marcin produced:

The lights went out in the room, there was no official introduction – the movie played and then we entered the stage. The audience reacted the same way we did – they liked it:) They liked it so much that we played it once again in the end. It’s all about the details and we’re very happy that we can make Wachlarz look better with little things like that. And by the way, I have already spoken with Marcin and we’re planning a separate set of cinematics for 2016 edition.

This time we didn’t feel like organising Wachlarz in Warsaw for the eighth time. We made it and organised Wachlarz in another city and this way started its tour through Poland. Next one will surely take place somewhere else, but we won’t tell you where just yet. Two cities are in the finals and we should be able to tell you the winner by September.

However for me (Kuba) it was a dream to organise something in my hometown and I’m happy that I was able to do it quite quick, only a few years after I got the thought.

The subject and the power of opposites
Last year Wachlarz was divided into four blocks all of which had travel in the name. This time we arranged it a bit different. There were three blocks – Think, Create and Travel.
Curation. That’s an important keyword for us. Even though there’s still 11 months left until Wachlarz 2016 takes place, we already know that 20 people will present and there are 48 possible names. What’s the most important for us is what the speaker can say.

It was the same this time. We selected the speakers carefully to make them fit the expected spot on the programme. Sometimes it was difficult – our schedules didn’t match and we were tempted to invite someone else who was cool too but not so fit to this particular slot. But we still managed to close the line-up feeling satisfied. We also added a discussion panel – blogger, reporter, traveller. A link to the very first editions which were conversations after all. The panel combined the Think and Create blocks.

Opposites. Sometimes the things the speakers want to say sound more powerful if you put them next to contrary or at least slightly different opinions. We had a few situations like that during this year’s Wachlarz. And we felt pressure rising in the room – but a positive one that made us all think. And that’s important because the event is called Wachlarz which means diversity and wide range and not ‘THE SAME STUFF ALL OVER AGAIN’.
New societies

And right here we get to the most important thing, a departure from the ‘travel meetings’ subtitle. That’s because it’s no longer like that, Wachlarz lives its own life and opens to non-travel worlds related to reporting and internet. Thanks to that we hosted people like Arlena Witt, Paulina Mikuła, Piotr Andrusieczko or Filip Springer this year.

To end with
Check the video summary made by Piotrek Michalak:

Next Wachlarz will take place on 21st May 2016 w… ;) If you’re feeling restless, you can already buy your tickets – the motto is ‘Unknown Worlds’ this time ;)

Thank you all for your attendance, nice words and filling the surveys – that helps us create and even better event! Hey!

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