It’s the time of the year which we think about for the remaining 365 days and which keeps us absolutely occupied a month before. That means next Wachlarz is coming.

As always, we will start in a sentimental manner, with our first event which took place more than two years ago – in March 2013. It was snowing like hell, the minutes before the first guests arrived in Cafe Kulturalna in the Palace of Culture and Science turned into hours but we made it. Then, more events every two months and a change of form last year and one big event in Warsaw once again.

because this year’s edition is taking place in a different city, familiar to half of our team – in Poznań. It’s Kuba’s family city – it’s cool to get back to the neighbourhood, especially with such an initiative.

Even though there’s more and more speakers and attendees each year – Wachlarz is not a festival but a meeting. It may look similar but we want to continue meeting each other, inspiring each other and talking with each other. We learned a lot, mainly from our own mistakes, but now we’re starting planning new editions two months before the current one. 2016 is has already been planned and scheduled weeks ago and on Saturday we will give you the date and the place.

The subject of the meeting was a very important issue. Not only the name and setting the general subject range which may be OK for 1 or 2 editions – but choosing a motto which will drive the whole meeting. It’s in line with the root of the meeting and allows you to react appropriately to what’s going on in travel, blog and reporter’s world. Sometimes it lets you break some barriers or highlight a problem or a trend. That’s why the motto of 2015 edition is ‘Think-Create-Travel’ and the whole event will be divided into three parts:

  • Think – about how the travels are changing us, why we travel and what do we get from travels,
  • Create – about reporting, travel reports, taking pictures, making movies etc.,
  • Travel – the stories of people, not just places – their emotions, impressions, feelings with history and adventure in the background.

Travels, places, human stories, but there are also unusual guests who may seem unlikely for this meeting. But the name Wachlarz (A hand fan) makes it possible :) After the seventh edition ended last September many people told us that it was great but we won’t be able to bring such an amazing line-up again. Today we hear that we managed to make it. The truth is that the line-up is being created throughout the years. Many people are constantly on the road and we resend initiations waiting for their “travel-free windows” when they’re in Poland. We also made it our goal not to invite the same guests every year which requires us to experiment and look for new interesting people – we have to talk them into speaking at this particular event. It’s cool that it’s possible and we are able to show you new, fascinating people. They may be the same people you know but presented from a slightly different angle.

The speakers at the next Wachlarz will include travellers, journalists, bloggers, writers, passionate people whose energy and ideas are contagious: Kamila Kielar, Olka Zagórska, Łukasz Supergan, Anita Demianowicz, Mikołaj Golachowski, Konrad Kruczkowski, Piotr Andrusieczko, Paweł Cywiński, Gosia Koszkul, Filip Springer, Arlena Witt, Paulina Mikuła, Ilona Patro, Piotr Strzeżysz, Marcin Wesołowski, Piotr Horzela.
You can read more about them and about the event on its own website.

A little bit of backstage stuff – the presentation at Wachlarz is 18 minutes. For many travellers that maybe shockingly short since meetings with slideshows can last like forever. But we believe that choosing a subject that’s not just another story about some place is ingenious. We struggle to make the speakers think their presentation through and send us the slides early. We already had all the presentations for the last few days and we know that everything was well-thought-of and we will have truly amazing presentations.

Looks perfect, what can possibly go wrong :) ? Plenty of stuff – mainly the logistics, sound, the cables, the recording may break, microphones may clip – so keep your fingers crossed. We’re rehearsing today and finishing the event. Phew! See you there!

A quick reminder of the whereabouts:

27 June (Saturday), 10–18, Apollo Cinema in Poznań.
See you there! We’re on our way and the hall is waiting:

Sala Kino Apollo
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