It’s raining. Strong, hard clouds above us and gray and black world around me. I’m getting of the fast train from JFK to Jamaica Bay. Passing by the exits to Long Island and looking for blue subway line. In another hour I’ll be in Chelsea. That’s how my fifth trip to New York starts. The first one for the blog.

Nowy Jork, 2002 rok

Nowy Jork, 2002 rok

1. In high school

Can you turn my movie on? Can you let me through? Something’s wrong with my movie again. – I heard this all the time on my first plane trip. It was a trip to New Your where I was supposed to spend 2 months. Feeling a little green, I spent 3 hours at the gate waiting for my flight in Paris. Then I got a sit next to a kind, but slightly irritating old lady who treated me mainly as IT support. But I made it and got where I had to. I spent my summer in Connecticut learning the language, reading and watching tonnes of ‘Star Trek’ and visiting New York by train a few times a week. I liked the moment when you leave the hot tunnel and step in the Grand Central Terminal – one of the most commonly used places in US movies. That was also the first thing that shocked me – suddenly it turns out that I know many of the places and they don’t seem so surreal anymore. I also had a film camera and dad gave me three 3 films, 36 pictures each. I got back with ten and he developed them one by one since it wasn’t a cheap thing back then.

Studio Libeskind

2. With Libeskind
There’s five days left before the interview and I’m absolutely nervous. We flew to New York from Rome on a worst possible Alitalia’s plane, then slept in some ‘shithole with a vibe’ in order to prepare for the interview with Daniel Libeskind – the architect of Holocaust Museum in Berlin, new World Trade Center Towers and Warsaw’s ‘sail’ which then seemed like the most important investment in the city. How will it end – we’re still waiting for an answer here, but he reviews stopped being super-positive long time ago. My task was to conduct a conversation with Daniel since back then I used to run KosmoShow – a series of interactive interviews with various people. Crazy times when I recorded episodes with Anne Nelson in The Museum of Warsaw Uprising or with Eric Weiner in cooperation with US Embassy. This interview was transmitted live to Hard Rock Cafe in Warsaw in cooperation with – top live streaming service back then. Thanks to their support an incredible number of people watched us live – a few dozen thousand. The meeting itself lasted 50 minutes and everybody kept their fingers crossed so that everything goes well. I still have the pieces of paper with the questions. I was stressed as hell and don’t remember much from the interview – I just went along and fortunately everybody was satisfied in the end.

I was coming back to Poland a day after the recording and since it was about two weeks after I met Ania, I went to local Barnes and Noble bookstore to look for some books about tango. That’s how I found the one which started Tango Story,

Razem w Nowym Jorku

Razem w Nowym Jorku

3. With Ania
We’ve already been travelling a lot before we started blogging about it. The need to write it came later. And so, since I had to fly to Washington, Ania joined me and we decided to spend our time in DC, NYC, Connecticut and even a dozen or so hours in Alabama (that was super fast but I loved it – South of USA is a completely different story and we’re thinking of going back).

4. Just like that
Two years ago – no pictures from this one, maybe a few on Instagram. Instead, a foot injury which still lets me know about itself from time to time. Last time during a hike to Laguna Blanca near FitzRoy in Argentina. I was running through Central Park, through parks in small cities and boom. I made it even worse on a plane where I had to keep my foot squeezed somewhere (like everybody) for ten hours which landed in me in rehab for several weeks.

Let’s get back to Argentina. That’s where all our mobile phones broke and where we were very happy that LG came to the rescue and sent us an LG G3. The model wasn’t particularly cool, maybe I got a damaged one or maybe I’m using too many apps but I wasn’t satisfied. Therefore I had to try the G4 before I said yes to LG’s cooperation proposal. From the very beginning I was surprised how good it was and how good the pictures and movies made with it were. Therefore I’m very happy that all pictures and a short movie that I’m planning to make will be made using this piece of equipment only. You can check it via the following hashtag:

5. #newnewyork
Getting back to the beginning. To the beginning of this trip to be precise. We always had problems with describing the US and therefore we’re open to any suggestions. We already asked you twice on Facebook for things to see that are out o the box. We’ve seen the standard ones. The little less standard ones too. So far, you suggested the following:


Lwów, Lwowem. Przeżywamy. ALE już od wtorku udajemy się do Nowego Jorku! Wracamy po dwóch latach i nie możemy się już…

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Bagaże prawie spakowane. O 17 lecimy do Nowego Jorku :) Dzięki Wam wybraliśmy dwa kierunki i pomysły na NY – pierwszy to…

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So it’s the last moment to throw something from yourselves. It’s a few minutes past midnight on my clock. I’m going to sleep but they say that New York never sleeps.


Instagram Nowy Jork

Here are some snaps from yesterday. If you want to keep track of us, add us – the name is ‘podrozniccy’.

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