We’re leaving Bariloche without regret – we just resupply in a nearby supermarket as we consider this town the worst place to explore Nahuel Huapi National Park. We’re heading further South driving through the old part of Ruta 40 (until now, the road bypassed all cities in the land of the lakes. Bariloche was an exception – it lead to it with a central kind of arm of the road). Exequeil, the guy who helped us rent the car in Buenos, said that his grandparents have a little house in Chubut province and that we should stop by. We asked him for the address and that’s where we are headed now.

After dry North and yellow and green central part of Argentina, we’re still in its greenest region. What’s more, dark green colour that accompanied us among the lakes, changed to more vibrant and joyful shade. That’s why we love driving through Chubut province. However, after almost two hours of driving, we reach a city called:

El Bolson.
As usual, we arrive during siesta and the city streets look quite dead. We manage to find a tiny road bar which treats us with milanesa of a questionable quality (a well-beaten piece o meat in batter) even though we ordered something else. We couldn’t understand each other this time. But it’s enough to fill ourselves. Supposedly, the town was a popular spot for hippies in the 60s. We take a short walk to see if we can find any signs of them. We can’t. Maybe they settled down here and now lead peaceful lives? :) We find a laundry on the other hand and start getting happy, but unfortunately it’s closed :)

El Bolson El Bolson El Bolson El Bolson El Bolson El Bolson El Bolson El Bolson

The road

From El Bolsón we head to Lago Puelo National Park and then even further – to the centre of Chubut province, towards the city of Cholila. What can I say, the road is beautiful – it quickly becomes one of our favourite parts. We see mountains in the distance, greenness and trees around us, spacious belts of grass with yellow and violet flowers. It doesn’t look hollow – it looks like a place that’s full of energy.

We think to ourselves that in such region, the people must be extraordinary too. We reach a tiny village where Exequeil’s grandparents live. We got the following instructions from him: drive straight ahead, when on road 71 towards Cholila, turn right on the 21st kilometre, when you see Bucha hut, drive another 600 m straight ahead until you see a tiny house in the woods. :)
Amazingly, we get to our destination with no significant problems. Grandparents are absolutely charming. They tell us that their house is almost 100 years old. They add that there’s no GSM network nor Internet connection here and if it’s a problem for us. For us? Not at all! Living with the Internet is boring. ;)

Chubut, Argentina Chubut, Argentina Chubut, Argentina Chubut, Argentina Chubut, Argentina Chubut, Argentina Chubut, Argentina Chubut, Argentina
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