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Trek with us on the Main Beskidy Trail, get a PTTK badge, see what Beskidy are hiding and talk to mountain people. Join the program "Be on the nature side" where we renovate over 300km of mountain trails.

Monika Piekarska, Żywiec Zdrój
(60 sec)

Main Trail of Beskidy?

The Main Beskidy Trail is the longest trail in Polish mountains. It is a red trail and runs through several mountain ranges. From the West to the East they are: Beskid Śląski, Beskid Żywiecki, (Beskid Makowski and Beskid Wyspowy - placed in brackets due to those stretches being very short), Gorce, Beskid Sądecki, Low Beskid and Bieszczady. While on the trail we have the chance to visit 4 national parks (Babia Góra National Park, Górczański National Park, Magurski National Park and Bieszczady National Park) and 7 towns (three of which are health resorts - Ustroń, Rabka and Krynica Zdrój).

Trail also leads through the place where the water Żywiec Zdrój originates

Markers on the trail

Jerzy Kapłon, PTTK
(45 sec)

Glinne is the first peak

After about two hours after leaving Węgierska Górka you reach the first peak - Glinne (1034m above sea level). If it wasn't for the information signs it would be very easy to miss it as it is a very expansive mountain and is more akin to an elevation rather than a mountain peak. A wide view of the surroundings stretches out from its top and from there you get to see the distinctive tower located on Barania Góra for the first time.

Magurka - a little bit of shadow

It doesn't appear on most maps but you can see it on Open Street Map. It is the last fragment of the forest on your way to Barania Góra. If the sun is strong, it is also the last moment to rest in the shadow.

In the middle of the way you reach Hala Radziechowska

It is now closer rather than farther but there are still two hours left. Sheep still graze here but not as often as in the past when the local highlanders grazed them here on a regular basis which is the reason why the word "hala" (mountain pasture) is in its name. In its upper part you will se a small wooden shack. The name of this place comes from the village of Radziechowy. It is a good place to stop for a moment and gather your strengths to be able to continue.
Overview of Hala Radziechowska
(40 sec)

Turn here for for Magurka Radziechowska

Go left.
Trail to Magurka Radziechowska
(35 sec)

Standing on Magurka Radziechowska

You can stop for a moment on the outcrop of istebna sandstones and look at the Soła river valley. You will see Skrzyczne in the distance and you are just over an hour away from your target.


Until 16th century Beskidy were covered with beeches and firs. Since the 19th century the fastest growing tree species – Norwegian spruce – was planted on the hillsides. Unfortunately, this tree doesn’t cope well with today’s climate which – especially in recent years – is full of weather anomalies that foster the breaking of branches and whole trees, i.e. the creation of windbreaks. To counter this, under 5 years of the “Po stronie natury” programme we planted 5 milion trees, beeches, firs, larches, maples among others, which are the species that originally grew in the Carpathian forest. Those trees grow slower than the spruce but they are more resistant to the unfavourable conditions.

Magurka Wiślańska - you are close

Various trails join together here at 1140m above sea level and you can meet others going into your directions for example from Szczyrk.
Getting close to Barania Góra
(25 sec)

Yes! Barania Góra

After the final climb to 1120m above sea level - you did it! Many trails are interconnected here and the observation tower typically draws crowds - and rightly so. On the hillsides there is the protected area of Czarna and Biała Wisełka - the sources of the Vistula river. If you want to rest, there is a shelter on Przysłop.
Sławek Brzózek, Fundacja Nasza Ziemia
(90 sec)

Short stop at Słowianka station

From Węgierska Górka - if you walk - after two hours of climb you can have a breakfast or drink coffee in this first small hut.
Anna Malinowska, Lasy Państwowe
(75 sec)
(30 sec)

Pawlusia Pass - last moments

After another two hours you are very close to the end and the last road takes you through Pawlusia Pass. Other trails join here together and as you walk you can enjoy the great views from Beskidy.
Jerzy Kapłon, PTTK
(40 sec)

Rest in the Rysianka station

The end - time to rest! Before you go further it is worth visiting the PTTK shelter on the Rysianka mountain meadow. Delicious food, nice atmosphere and people. People hiking in the mountains are always cool!

Last view from Hala Rysianka

Chosen points
on the trail

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