We were in the city when by accident I read on Facebook that last night Magda Gessler, famous Polish chef and her TV show will be dedicated to Georgian restaurant “Gaumarjos”. -Polish celebrity teaching Georgians how to cook? That’s something one couldn’t miss.

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I did – proved the phone in last couple days, when suddenly it was thrown into hands of Eka Odzelashvili, a young architect from Georgia. She told us a lot about what currently happens in the modern architecture in her country. Phone, thanks to her, showed us pictures of old…

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We were sitting and thinking – what to do to sum up what happened in last couple days? And how to continue doing this in the future. So, we are sitting. Suddenly Ania gets a text message – and illumination comes. Yes, the “SMS” format will be the best. Full…

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First blogger to put his hands on the Phone Around The World comes from the country of Georgia. Currently residing in Tbilisi, the capitol, he spent couple years at university in Bulgaria where he started his blog called “The Young Georgians”. You probably heard of Georgia recently, Dear Reader, because…



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