For the second edition of Digital Journalism Days I prepared two presentations. The first one was about use of drones in the media, about which I wrote earlier and the second – a shorter and more practical – with interesting podcasts addressed to the bloggers and journalists.

Podcasts are experiencing its second youth. Although, they have never been lost, but popular among a smaller group of recipients – which was not standing for the whole mainstream. However, due to the “Serial,” which became a hit in America – suddenly it turned out that broadcasting voice may come reach broader audience, and not only – like a radio – always behind TV and press.

I chose 10 programs that almost every week give a specific dose of knowledge to all content creators. They are targeted mainly for journalists – because this community in the United States operates very well (and better) than in Poland, but that is also why we can get so many programs. I focused on those that give specific know-how and analysis of trends and tools, and those that are interesting as a whole, acting in good inspiration for other artists.

In the presentation embedded below you will find short descriptions and link to websites and directly to places where you can subscribe to chosen programs.

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