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Sandor Lederer, civic society in hungary, k-monitor

Limiting democracy in Hungary

I always had a problem understanding the full scale of Orban’s reforms and actions taken to limit the civic society and in particular media, freedom of speech and work of NGOs. We get some news about Hungary’s prime minister but mostly about his foreign affairs activities, but what is happening under the hood? I decided to change it and talk to someone who lives within those new boundries day by day trying to get his message through and at the same time advocate for the open and engaged citizens.

I talk to Sandor Lederer from K-monitor organisation based in Budapest, Hungary where they work against corruption and for government transparency.

You can follow Sandor here:

  • Twitter –  @k_monitor
  • K-monitor – website
  • Sandor is one of the few people, or actually the only one I know who does not own a mobile phone

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