Thursday was a very important day – phone was supposed to start his first trip without us looking over it. He was not walking through the same city and different person was caring it. Mirian took it to the train station in Tbilisi, to give it to the conductor of the train so they would ship it to Azerbaijan. Unfortunately, without any good reason, they refused. So, standing there and thinking what to do he stopped some totally random girl walking by.

Her name was Elza, and her luck was that she dragging huge back behind her and going to Baku. Surprised by the question in English, cause her looks didn’t show off her true Azeri roots. She listened to the short version of what is going on with the Phone Around The World and she gave Mirian very suspicious look. Something must have clicked though, because she wanted to be convinced. Elza looked through the box, at the phone and then even took a picture of Mirian – just to be on the safe side. And the she said Yes! They exchanged numbers and called Ilgar who was supposed to pick up the package in Baku.

The time has come for Mirian to say googbye to the phone:

Next morning me and Ania are sitting together and looking at the clock. At 10 AM Baku time, which is 7 AM in Poland everything should be clear. 8am, 9 am time is passing and nothing. Ilgar is not responding to text messages and… then! We see on Facebook some new picture – Ilgar checked in at the Baku train station and begun to take more photos.

Unbelievably he also made a movie… with Elza!

So many people asks us all the time “and what if something happens to the phone?” – We don’t care about those questions. The only thing we need to succeed is proper mix of blind trust and luck.
First voyage behind us – somehow we are convinced that it is going to be only better and thanks to such moments the whole story gets a deeper meaning. Cause, remember, the phone is only an excuse to meet new people.

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