It has been some time since our last update regarding Phone Around The World. A lot has happened duting it, but one thing for sure – we are still on. Currently we are on the way to Canada from Amsterdam where phone spent last month. So what happened in the meantime?

A lot :) That is the short version. Kasia sent it to Bali in Indonesia and then after enjoying some of the sun and sea, phone… died. I mean, the battery died. Also the system was overloaded with images and videos. After a while of trying to repair it remotely we’ve found someone travelling back to Poland so we used this opportunity. As soon as I put my hands on it we started to repair it. It was very important that the same, exact phone continues the road – not something new. It wouldn’t somehow carry the same magis. It needs to be this one piece which everybody hands to new people.

We also took this time to rethink next steps with the initiative as some things could be going smoother. For example passing from one person to another. This would make everything faster and most importantly more enjoyable. But, there has to be some but. We’ve tried with some new ways and still back to square one – but we will continue to look for some other ways. We are like 10-15 countries aways from crossing the whole world and we met so many great people that we could never finish Phone Around the World :)

Back to Europe in this post now. In Amsterdam we met with Nuno Cruz, who was showing us the city with the phone for couple weeks. We took the opportunity to ask him couple questions on his opinion regarding living in the capitol of Holland.

Nuno Cruz

How did you learn about Phone Around the World?
Some of my girlfriend friends shared on facebook the status of the phone page where you said that the person that was supposed to receive the phone here in Amsterdam quitted and you were looking for another one. She showed it to me, the concept appealed to me so I replied.

Why did you want to join and what did you want to share through it?
I liked the concept right away, something that does not belong to anyone, and solely exists for it’s purpose, to share and show the world to others. that’s how I saw it. I also have a travel bug in geocaching, but I didn’t got very lucky with that, it was lost in it’s travel. As I said before, the concept interested me because first of all I like to shoot and then, I think a foreign person has a particular view that separates him from the natives, so I wanted to contribute and replied to your post.

What in your opinion was most interesting to other people?
That’s a though thing to say, but from the social feedback that my shots got, I think people liked more the peculiar aspects rather than the clichés. For example from the instragam shots the one that got more buzz was the vintage look public urinol.

Did you have any funny situations while taking care of the phone?
Nothing that would leave a mark. But it was common to be asked why I had 2 phones now. I’m a one phone guy, so whenever my friends saw with 2 phones, they were always commenting so I had to explain what it was and why I had it. I guess that got the phone some new followers ^_^

How did you end up in Amsterdam?
Me and Olga met back in Porto, where I was finishing my master degree and she was doing her Erasmus program. We met one night and one thing led to another, we ended up together and when she went back to Poland to finish her studies I tagged along, we stayed there for 6 months, during this time, we started to look for another city to move in for her to enrol on a master degree and for me to get a job, Amsterdam ended up being the choice.

What do you do there?
I am Java developer at comScore, a company that works in software solutions for data analysis. I work in the reports of a product called Digital Analytix, more tailored to web data analisys.

What surprised you by living in this city?
The cultural boom, back in the Portugal I was told that the term ‘melting pot’ associated with London, and to ride the ‘barque la mouche’ we have to go to Paris. Well Amsterdam has that and much more, I think they have everything pretty covered here, vintage cinemas, open street markets, 2nd hand markets, micro breweries, lot’s of art and tasteful stores, it’s a city in which you are bored only if you want to.

How do you see living in Amsterdam? Any pros and cons?
As I said before I like it a lot for it’s cultural offers, it’s an modern open minded city and with the best means of transportation, and I love that, you can cycle virtually to any place in the Netherlands, even when other vehicles have priority they allow the bikes to pass. I also love the city charismatic architecture, when I go to Portugal and see those lesser cities in which every building has nothing to do with the next one I think to myself – “Dam I’m addicted to capitals!”. The cons are the tourist dedicated stores, especially here in Amsterdam, there are so much trashy food places just to catch smoked tourists with munchies, I don’t like that at all, the same goes for the stores full of recuerdos. You can see the big contrast between the cultural offer and the tourist traps between the streets of Joordan and Red Light district.

What a portugal guy misses in the capitol of Holland?
The weather, definitely the weather. The food you can always get around, but not the weather.

Can Amsterdam be compared to any Portugal city?
No it can not.

We know that you know couple words in Polish and visit Poland sometime. Will you tell our readers why? :)
Oops, I guess I spoiled this question, so yes I know how to perfectly say ‘nie mówię po polsku’ and some greetings. So as I said me and my girlfriend met in Porto and then we went to Poland for 6 monhts, there I stayed in Lodz and during my stay I got the opportunity to visit, Warsaw, Krakow and Wroclaw. I loved the country and the culture and should go back there this year for a week. It should be on the todo list of every traveller.

So what’s next for the phone? As I wrote in the beginning – we go to Canada and then we will make our way to South America where people wait for us in Brazil, Peru and Argentina. And then we will see what’s next.
Also in couple days we will show you totally new look of Around the World section – so stay tuned!

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