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of Forests?

In “Book of Forests” we try to create unique guide, which will showcase the forests in the unseen before way. We connect the love for nature with new technologies. In a new, interactive form we will show 25 forests from all around Poland. You will see animals, plants but also people who taka care of them. “Book of Forests” is an interactive story about the nature in it’s heart.

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Beskid Sądecki Forest
Next forest story soon!
Next forest story soon!
Next forest story soon!

Book of Forests

I’ve never thought that a trip to the Southern Poland will inspire me to go back to my childhood-book – ‘Rogaś’  (Polish equivalent of Bambi) – Beside this very forester’s lodge Maria Kownacka (the author) was sitting and writing the novel – said Krzysiek from the Piwniczna Forest District during…



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