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English is not our native language – excuse all mistakes. We try hard not to make any, but still :)

Podróżniccy.com were born in 2011. In September we celebrated our first anniversary and in November year of blog’s existence on this platform. Idea itself was created couple years back, mostly due to passion for travelling. We were in many countries – USA, Singapore, Thailand, Chile, Ghana, Georgia, Macedonia, Malaysia, Oman, Portugal or Russia – those are some of them.

In February 2012 we started our trip called “Exploring Witkacy” to Sri Lanka, Australia and later to Saint Petersburg. We are fascinated by life od Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz, who almost a 100 years ago, together with his friend Bronisław Malinowski, took the same road. First they reached Ceylon, where for the first time he saw tropics and jungle, then they went to Australia, where he saw Aborigens and wanted to commit suicide. When he learned about the breakout of First World War he returned to Europe and spend couple years in Russian army where he also discovered life of pre-revolution Petersburg. After those experiences he became Witkacy.

Ania Górnicka
Journalist, proofreader, communicator. For many years now she specialises in… communication :) She writes, talks, translates – since always. For a year now she blogs and for couple months – blogs.
She worked e.g. in weekly “Wprost”, School Publishing “PWN”, Sage and now in PZU. She graduated journalism, social communication, marketing and Polish philology. Currently she is finally not studying – writes a blog, travels, looks for adventures and Witkacy :)

Jakub Górnicki
Works for Sourcefabric – non-profit organisation which developers open source tools for professional media and journalists. As Implementations Manager he works primarily in Georgia and Turkey. Previously he worked for EP Foundation, mixxt, Beamups and Prezi.
Besides this – journalists and blogger. Blogs for Huffington Post and Global Voices. In 2010 at Georgian Institute of Public Affairs in Tbilisi he lead a course in multimedia journalism.

Best way to reach us:

  • email: podrozniccyATATATgmail.com
  • skype: jakub.gornicki
  • mobile: +48 791 220 202 or +48 501 285 336
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