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Eighth, eighth, eighth – I can’t believe when I’m writing these words – but yes, the eighth edition of Wachlarz is over. We don’t like reviewing events we organise amd we’re not going to. But there are some things we would like to discuss. It’s hard to call this entry…


I got the idea for this entry a few months ago. Then, after two weeks spent in Argentina, we decided to go to Iguazú in order to see the most incredible waterfall in the world. It’s been a while since I experienced something like this. Walking into a wall of…


It’s the time of the year which we think about for the remaining 365 days and which keeps us absolutely occupied a month before. That means next Wachlarz is coming.


It’s raining. Strong, hard clouds above us and gray and black world around me. I’m getting of the fast train from JFK to Jamaica Bay. Passing by the exits to Long Island and looking for blue subway line. In another hour I’ll be in Chelsea. That’s how my fifth trip…


We decided to look again at Iguazu Falls for the film. Previously only we released the same influence in water, but after reviewing materials in the house, it turned out that we were able to add a little more to the story and could not stop. Although the film itself…


I suppose everyone heard of Argentine beef (Cuba still cannot forget it), as well as Argentine wine. However, I have no idea why alfajor biscuits (from Spanish: alfajores) are not known. I think that must definitely change! In my opinion, these biscuits are the best what Argentina may offer when…

Tango Story

It’s not clear where did the word ‘tango’ come from. Wherever we look, it means something different. But its etymology seems fascinating, diverse and surprising. Sometimes it doesn’t even have much to do with what it means for us.


Tech entries have lately become my favourites. In order to write this one, I needed a few months of tests in order to check all the available solutions, come up with some conclusions and be able to recommend something to the ones wanting to have their own Internet connection on…


How to prepare for the Argentinean trip, what to buy, how to move around and then – where to sleep, what to eat and how to do it the cheap way – we gathered all the necessary information in order to make your life and preparations easier. Take it and…

Podróżniccy.com narodzili się w 2011 r. We wrześniu 2012 r. obchodziliśmy pierwsze urodziny pomysłu a w listopadzie – rok istnienia bloga.

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