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Dubrovnik, once one of the most important European trade centres, is today a main tourist centre. Its Old City was added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. The history of Dubrovnik is long and interesting – for a time the city was under the protectorate of the Byzantine…

Book of Forests

I’ve never thought that a trip to the Southern Poland will inspire me to go back to my childhood-book – ‘Rogaś’  (Polish equivalent of Bambi) – Beside this very forester’s lodge Maria Kownacka (the author) was sitting and writing the novel – said Krzysiek from the Piwniczna Forest District during…


Whole country heard about the news that a drone ‘almost collided’ with a Lufthansa aircraft. It started with one article, then other media picked it up, especially the social ones. As an active done supporter who sees them as a chance for passionate people, filmmakers, creators and the economy –…


Blog’s new design has already been online for more than a month – this time we didn’t announce it officially through our social media channels and instead we conducted some tests and waited for your spontaneous reactions. The changes are far from revolutionary, more like evolutionary, yet still quite easy…


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